Looking for The Best Smoke Shop in Houston?

Cloud Chaserz Vape & Smoke Shop is the “connoisseur’s corner” for all products smoke-shop related.

When you come visit us, you’ll quickly notice that we’re a place where cigar enthusiasts, CBD/Hemp aficionados, vape aficionados, tobacco shop goers, and newbies on the seen all find what they’re looking for.

As we’ve often said, “If we don’t carry it, it’s not worth it!”

This is because, unlike many “big box” online retailers, we truly care for the craft, handpicking every vape, CBD, Hemp, Kratom, and Hooka to make sure it meets our high standards for our customers.

SW Houston Location

Cloud Chaserz Vape & Smoke Shop

10001 W Bellfort Blvd #C, Houston, TX 77031
Phone: 832-850-7101

2037 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 281-974-3712

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